German Li-ion battery market with >40 players along the value chain

There are numerous German players along the lithium-ion battery value chain. This article provides an of the different market players to make the German battery landscape more transparent. If you have a specific research or data request please write to us via our contact page.

Parts and material suppliers for Lithium-ion batteries

German players in raw material and material production are rare, compared to American and Asian-based companies. However, Germany has a strong chemical industry driving innovation and efficiency. This is also reflected by some large corporations that participate in the large battery materials market.

TypeCompanyInformation / Offering
Battery parts/materialsBASFCathode, Electroylte
Battery parts/materialsEvonik IndustriesCathode (Lithium iron-phosphate), Anode (hard carbon, graphite), Separator
Battery parts/materialsAlbermale (Rockwood Lithium)Electrolyte (Lithium Salt), Anode (Graphite)
Battery parts/materialsSGL Carbon SEAnode
Battery parts/materialsFreudenbergSeparator
Battery parts/materialsLi-Tec BatterySeparator
Battery parts/materialsSchlenkBinder, conductive, additive, tape, etc.
Battery material and parts suppliers in Germany

Production equipment manufacturers

Production equipment manufacturersCoatemaEquipment for electrode manufacturing
Production equipment manufacturersDürr MegtecEquipment for electrode manufacturing
Production equipment manufacturersBürkleEquipment for electrode manufacturing
Production equipment manufacturersKorenertEquipment for electrode manufacturing
Production equipment manufacturersEirichEquipment for electrode manufacturing
Production equipment manufacturersManzEquipment for cell / battery assembly
Production equipment manufacturersTrumpfEquipment for cell / battery assembly
Production equipment manufacturersHarro HöfligerEquipment for cell / battery assembly
Production equipment manufacturersJonas & RedmannEquipment for cell / battery assembly
Production equipment manufacturersATW AutomationEquipment for cell / battery assembly
Production equipment manufacturersManzEquipment for formation and aging
Production equipment manufacturersThyssen-KruppEquipment for formation
Machine / Production equipment manufacturers for batteries in Germany

Battery cell production

The cell manufacturing follows the electrode manufacturing with several steps involved in the final product within this value chain step. While Asian companies, in particular, South Korean and Chinese giants are dominant in this market, some German market players have decided to also be present in the lithium-ion battery cell production.

TypeCompanyValue chain
Battery cell manufacturingKion in JV with BMZBattery cells
Battery cell manufacturingBMZ GroupBattery cells
Battery cell manufacturingNorthvolt AB in JV with VW Group (Salzgitter)Battery cells
Battery cell manufacturingVartaBattery cells
Battery cell manufacturingMagnisBattery cells
Lithium-ion battery cell manufacturers in Germany

Battery module and pack assemblers

Battery cell packagingDräxlmaierBattery packs
Battery cell packagingElringKlingerBattery packs
Battery cell packagingBMZ GroupBattery packs
Battery cell packagingNorthvoltBattery packs
Battery cell packagingAccumotiveBattery packs
Battery cell packagingDaimlerBattery packs
Battery cell packagingBMWBattery packs
Battery cell packagingVolkswagenBattery packs
Battery cell packagingContinentalBattery packs
Battery cell packagingAkasolBattery packs
Battery cell packagingBosch Battery SystemsBattery packs
Battery cell packagingCustom CellsBattery packs
Battery cell packagingGaia AkkumulatorenwerkeBattery packs
Battery cell packagingKLiBBattery packs
Battery cell packagingLion SmartBattery packs
Battery cell packagingLi-Tec BatteryBattery packs
Battery cell packagingTerraE HoldingBattery packs
Battery cell packagingVoltaboxBattery packs
Battery module and pack assemblers in Germany


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