US-based EV battery system manufacturer Romeo Power goes public in 2020

Romeo Systems Inc, operating under “Romeo Power Technology”, will go public in the 4th quarter of 2020 through a SPAC. A merger with a blank check firm RMG Acquisition Corp. was decided. The merged company is then listed on the NYSE with the ticker symbol “RMO”.

Romeo Power Technology is active in a dynamic market of battery systems. The US-based company is located in Los Angeles and develops and manufactures battery systems. The current focus is on packs for commercial electric vehicles.

The company was founded in 2014 by former Tesla and former SpaceX employees. They set their focus on the following key markets in energy storage: Commercial Vehicles including trucks, buses, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles as well as high-performance vehicles.

As of 2020, they offer two standard modules.

Hermes battery module specs

  • Cell format: cylindrical 27100
  • Capacity: 10 kWh
  • Voltage Range: 40 V to 67.2 V
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Gravimetric Density: 208 Wh/kg
  • Volumetric Density: 87 Wh/L

Brown Recluse battery module specs

  • Cell format: cylindrical
  • Capacity: 2.9 kWh
  • Voltage Range: 35 V to 58.8 V
  • Weight:
  • Gravimetric Density: 193Wh/kg
  • Volumetric Density: 252Wh/L

Source: Rome Power Technology Official Website

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