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Li Auto ONE Battery Specifications and Suppliers

In this article we want you to learn more about the Li Auto One Battery. Li Auto (Nasdaq: LI) is a Chinese based electric vehicles start-up. The company was previously known as CHJ Automotive. Its first vehicle is the Li ONE extended-range electric SUV, available since November 2019 and produced at the company’s factory in Changzhou. While it is not easy to find information on the battery specifications and suppliers, we were able to get some detailed specs.

Introduction to Li One

While NIO and Xpeng are focusing on fully-electric vehicles (BEVs), Li Auto is taking a different approach. The company engineers and manufacturers hybrid powertrain cars. In China, the classification of “New Energy Vehicle” (NEV) both includes fully electric as well as hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

Li Auto is selling one SUV at the moment named Li ONE, while competitors like Tesla, BYD, and Nio have several models in their line-up. However, the Li Auto is extremely successful with their Li ONE SUV: In December 2020, they sold 6,126 units at a price point of around $46,000, while Nio was able to sell 7,000 units of their 3 SUV models combined.

Li Auto ONE SUV Front
Li ONE SUV by Chinese Li Auto

Li ONE Power System

The Li ONE features a 40.5 kWh large battery at the bottom of the vehicle. The power system is composed of a three-cylinder direct-injection 1.2T engine and 100kW front and 140kW rear dual motors + 100kW generator.

Engine and Motor

  • The 1.2T turbocharged engine is supplied by Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co.Ltd
  • The front motor is supplied by United Electronics (JV of Zhonglian Automotive Electronics and Robert Bosch)
  • The rear motor is from BorgWarner

Li Auto ONE Battery Specifications

It is not easy to find battery details for this electric vehicle. One reason is that it is a Chinese manufacturer, and the other is that the vehicle has not been on the market for long. Therefore, we ask you to enjoy the information about the Li ONE battery with a certain degree of caution.

From what we know, the electronic control system is from Inovance Power. The battery pack is supplied by China’s largest battery manufacturing company CATL. It features a NCM523 Lithium-ion battery with water-cooling.

Li Auto ONE Battery Pack
Li Auto Battery Pack from CATL
  • Battery pack supplier: CATL
  • Battery chemistry: NCM523
  • Voltage: 355V
  • Capacity: 40.5 kWh total, available: 37.2 kWh (87.5%)
  • Total battery pack weight: (249.5 kg)
  • Energy density: 170 Wh/kg
  • Module and pack design: Both by CATL (which is not surprising for such a young company like Li Auto)

If we look at the range, we must distinguish between the NEDC standard and the WLTP standard. With NEDC standard, the range of the Li Auto ONE is 800 km. 180 km, therefore, are provided by the battery, and 620 km by the range extender. Under the WLTP standard, you can expect a cruising range of 690 km.

When it comes to charging, you can expect a charging time of 6h with 7kW of power, and with fast charging, you can expect the battery capacity to fill up from 20%-80% in 30 minutes.

If interested, you can look at more pictures of the Interieur and outside of the car on the official Li Auto website.

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