Profits of Samsung SDI rise to 61.6% YoY, and revenue 20.2% in Q3/2020

The South Korean battery manufacturer Samsung SDI published its results for Q3 2020 on October 27, 2020. The following figures were published by Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. ADR in its 2020 Q3 earnings call.

Q3 Key results:

  • Revenue grew a solid 20.7% QoQ and 20.2% YoY
  • The Li-ion battery business was the main growth driver
  • Increase in sales in Q4/2020 expected due to ramp-up of EV battery sales for European automakers and larger energy storage sales in North and South America

3Q20 Earnings and Financial Status

Samsung SDI Q3 Revenue and Profits Table
Samsung SDI Q3 Assets and Cash

3Q20 Earnings and Forecast

Large-sized LIB

Q3: Revenue increased QoQ 

  • EV battery revenue increased due to seasonality and European EV subsidy policy 
  • ESS revenue slightly declined, while the portion of overseas has increased

Q4: Sales to increase significantly

  • EV battery sales to grow with strong demand for European clients 
  • ESS supply to expand for utility projects in the US

Small-sized LIB

Q3: Revenue increased significantly QoQ 

  • Cylindrical revenue increased with recovered demand of PT – Mobility 
  • Pouch revenue and profitability improved with peak seasonality and launch of new S/phones 

Q4: Shipment to decrease slightly due to cylindrical

  • Cylindrical slightly to go down due to clients’ inventory adjustment
  • Pouch shipment to maintain a similar level through mass models and new S/Phones for overseas clients

Download the official earning releases from Samsung SDI in 2020

Q4/2020: to be released

Q3/2020: Source

Q2/2020: Source

Q1/2020: Source

Financial Statement Samsung SDI Y15-Y19

Liabilities Ratio44.2%35.9%37.5%58.3%56.8%
Net Debt Ratio-0.7%-8.5%1.4%13.4%18.4%
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