List of CATL’s numerous battery joint ventures

The Chinese battery maker CATL, who is one of the global leaders of the industry, accelerated the establishment of various joint ventures in recent years. While CATL was only founded in 2011, the company already cooperates with many different companies. The joint ventures are a strategic instrument to strengthen the dominance and to secure knowledge and industry integration in the global automotive industry.

Logo of global battery producer CATL

Summary of CATL’s Joint Ventures

JV partnerPartner shareCATL shareYearJV nameActivity
SAIC49%51%2017CATL-SAIC Motor Power Battery Co.Cell production
SAIC51%49%2017SAIC Motor-CATL Power Battery System CoPack production
GAC51%49%Cell production
GAC49%51%Pack production
Dongfeng49%51%2018Dongfeng-CATL (Wuhan) Battery System CoDeveloping, producing and selling NEV power batteries.
FAW49%51%2020CATL-FAW Power Battery Co.,Ltd.Development, production and sale of lithium ion batteries, power batteries, ESS, after-sales services
East Groupnana2020New Energy East Co., Ltd.Develop 5G Power Supply and Energy Storage Industry
Summary of JV with CATLs involvement

Next to the various Joint Ventures CATL also has strategic partnerships with Nio, and also invested USD 500 million in Byton (bankrupt). With many global leading OEMs the battery producer signed supply agreements, for example with German top three Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler.

Timeline of Joint Ventures

Dec.11CATL was established.
Dec.15Changed the name to Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited
Jun.17Established two joint ventures called Contemporary SAIC Power Battery Co., Ltd. and SAIC Contemporary Power Battery Systems Co., Ltd.
Jul.18Joint venture with Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Contemporary (Wuhan) Electronic Systems Co., Ltd., starts production.
Apr.19Established Contemporary FAW Power Battery Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with China FAW.
Mar.19Established a joint venture, Shanghai Kuaibu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with Fujian Baicheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (BACN).
Apr.20Established a joint venture with East Group Co., Ltd., Xinneng East (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd.
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