LG Chem – Company profile of electric vehicle battery global leader

LG Chem is one of the largest battery cell production companies in the world. The company is based in South Korea and has branches in China, North America, and Europe. LG Chem mainly supplies the automotive industry with its cells and battery systems.



  • GM
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • VW
  • Audi
  • Porsche
  • Daimler
  • etc.

Clients unapproved:

  • Rivian

Product types

LG Chem offers different cell formats to their customers. For the established automotive industry, the pouch cells are most popular. However, LG Chem is still offering the 27100 cylindrical cell (round cell) to Tesla and Rivian.

  • Pouch cells
  • prismatic cells
  • cylindrical cells
LG Chem battery cell to module to pack
LG Chem product example for prismatic cells – from cell to module to pack

Battery value chain

Cell production, Module assembly, Pack assembly, BMS


Large battery cell production companies like CATL (China), Samsung SDI (South Korea), SK Innovation (South Korea), Panasonic (Japan)

Production locations

LG Chem significantly expanded its battery cell production in Europe and the USA.

  • South Korea (in operation)
  • China
    • 2x Nanjing (in operation)
    • JV with Geely (announced)
  • Poland, Wroclaw (in operation)
  • USA
    • Michigan (in operation)
    • Ohio in JV with GM (announced)
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