Oman Investment Authority Invests in US Silicon Battery Technology Company

Oman Investment Authority (OIA) has joined a consortium of investors in a funding round for Group14 Technologies, a US-based manufacturer of advanced silicon battery materials. The $214 million funding round brings Group14’s total funding to $614 million, and includes investment from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund, Lightrock Climate Impact Fund, Moore Strategic Ventures, and Molicel. Group14 […]

Nio produced 300,000 vehicles in December

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer NIO has produced its 300,000th vehicle at its Second Advanced Manufacturing Base, marking a new milestone for the company. NIO only began producing EVs in May 2018, yet it has already seen impressive growth in production speed and capacity. In addition to producing its second-generation product platform cars, such as […]

Honeywell signs 19 GWh deal with startup FREYR Battery

Honeywell and FREYR Battery, a Norwegian manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, have reached a major supply agreement and exchange of ESS technologies and components. Honeywell, a US-based technology company, is involved in many industries. These include aerospace and performance materials for building and industrial controls systems. Honeywell is also a major player in the energy storage […]

2022: AIWAYS U6 will go international

The shipment of Aiways U6 to Israel officially kicks off AIWAYS’ “going abroad” plan for 2022. According to several reports, AIWAYS has exported 1,676 new-energy vehicles in the last year (2021), an increase of 62.9% year-on-year. AIWAYS reported that the first batch of models was exported to France in May 2020. Since then, AIWAYS has […]

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SK Innovation may develop LFP Batteries

After years of staying with NCM with a higher nickel and cobalt content in a never-ending battle for higher energy density, SK Innovation may soon create and add a lithium-ion LFP battery chemistry to its portfolio. Earlier this month, SK On’s CEO told Reuters that the business is “considering producing lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP).” […]

Audi Battery packs and cells

Volkswagen and respective Audi uses battery cells from multiple vendors. Since e-tron held its world premiere, vendors have also changed. Audi e-tron battery packs come in two sizes currently. It is expected that a larger pack will be added to the 2023 model. There is a total of 95kWh in the battery for the Audi e-tron 55/e-tron […]

CATL’s cell-to-pack technology could be used in Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis EVs

Hyundai Mobis and China’s CATL announced on Wednesday a partnership and license agreement for CATL’s cell-to-pack system. An integrated cell-to-pack battery uses cells without the modules normally used in a battery pack design. In a joint press release, the two companies said that the technology will be integrated into electric cars and other products for […]

Battery Suppliers to BMW Group

The German automaker BMW headquartered in Munich is assembling batteries themselves while relying on suppliers for its battery cells. We keep an up-to-date profile for BMW on its electric vehicles, battery suppliers, and own battery production facilities. Overview of battery Suppliers BMW currently calls four battery cell companies their suppliers: Samsung SDI (BEV, PHEV) CATL […]

Daimler battery factories database

Daimler plans to operate nine battery pack assembly factories across Europe, North America and Asia in the future (updated number and classification in the database). Daimler invested in local battery pack assembly locations near its plants and continues to do so. We track all battery-related production sites of Daimler and compile an overview to reduce […]

Svolt introduces NMX cobalt-free batteries

The global battery manufacturer Svolt (SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) recently announced (SVOLT) that its new battery cells with cobalt-free cell chemistry are available for order at their “SVOLT Battery Day”. The Chinese-headquartered manufacturer first announced cobalt-free cells at the International Motor Show (IAA) in September 2019. Usually, most high nickel battery cells (NCM/NCA) Lithium-ion […]

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Macquarie downgrades BYD price target

While Citigroup raised the price target of Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD from 250 to 270 Hong Kong dollars a few days ago, there is now an opposite move from Macquarie.Analyst Allen Yuan believes the stock is fairly valued at 166.90 Hong Kong dollars. BYD is a pacesetter in electric mobility in China. Recently, it […]

EV battery cell standards and dimensions

Cell case shapes and dimensions: Rectangular, cylindrical, and laminated types all have their advantages and disadvantages, and all shapes are currently in use. The VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie [German Association of the Automobile Industry]) has already drafted a standard for a rectangular cell case, and has begun to adopt it. The following table shows the […]

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